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Prayers, Congrats, Blog Candy, and Finally a Tutorial!!

Hello Everyone,First I would like to just send out a prayer for all of those effected by the storms yesterday. I am in eastern Tn and we did get the storms but thankfully we did not have any of the tornadoes come our way. God I pray that you are with all of the families that went through this devastation. Secondly, Congrats to all the lucky winners of the E2!!!! I have to admit I am so jealous!!! One day I will win blog candy I can just feel it! I am hoping to win the blog candy that Sherrie K. is offering on her blog!! One part of it is the Campin Critters Cartridge (I am salivating for that one) That may have sounded gross sorry! LOL!! Click here to check it out!And finally I was able to figure out my video problem and so I am now posting my Flower tutorial. I do not think at this time I will be posting the card video but as soon as I get my new internet I will post it. It is too large for my little internet speed. :-( Anyway I love these flowers and you can modify th…

Ahhh the day after!!

So, the Easter Holiday is over. It was wonderful Church was awesome and I have to tell you how good God is!! This may not seem like much to some but I think it is for me. There is a new song out by Casting Crowns and I wasn’t sure of the name but I have been hearing once or twice on the radio and I loved it, just loved it and had just told my husband Saturday night that I wanted to know the name and get that song. Well Sunday morning at the beginning of church our pastor said he had a video for us all to watch…it was that song!!!! Oh how I cried and cried and worshipped the Father. It is a wonderful song called O Glorious Day. If you get a chance check it out!! We had a nice dinner with my parents and a small egg hunt with our kideos. Here are some picturesThe first picture is my 12 yr old Daughter Malia and then my 7 yr old Son Matthew!! They have so much of my heart, but the rest of it belongs to the man in the next picture. Here is my beloved husband Kevin!! He is trying to keep th…

Huge giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ya'll there is a huge giveaway going on over at Robyn's blog!!! I am a little late getting this up but there is still time. Provocraft is being very generous!! So go check it out at My Pink Stamper. Just Click here!!

By the way I will be posting a new post tomorrow! I am not sure about the video I haven't quite figured it out yet. It may just be pictures. Thanks for all your patience!!

Trying to get this video thing fixed

Hello all I have a tutorial for you but I cannot figure out how to get it posted on here. It says that it is publishing but it literally has been going for about 4 hrs and is still not done. As soon as it is finished I will post it. Thanks for your patience!!!

My First Easel Card!!!!!

I have been seeing these easel cards everywhere, and I have been itch’in to make one!! So I have a sister who is celebrating a birthday and thought this would be the perfect time.  So I found the dimensions that I liked and started my card!!!This weekend is my little man’s birthday so I will not be blogging until Monday, but on Monday I will be doing a tutorial on this card!!! So if you would like come back and check it out. I love to inspire and be inspired. Here is the Card……I will also have a tutorial on the so stinkin cute folded flower up in the corner of the card!! So come back on Monday for the tutorials. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!!!

My first Disney layout with my cricut!!!

Since I am going to talk about a Disney layout, why not have my font be Disney!!! This makes me chuckle somewhat because I have a friend that absolutely has to be the biggest Disney fan I know and I am steadily thinking of her while I am writing up this post. Hi Stacey!!! ( This is all I can do of the font, I cannot even read it myself! lol!)Anyway I am trying to get my Disney album done and so I worked on another layout and was successful in completing it. I have to say that this is the first time I created a Disney layout using my cricut with a Disney cartridge. I can definetly see how these carts can get somewhat frustrating. What I found was that I had to do alot of trial and error cuts to figure out my setting and then there were some things that I just couldn’t cut too small. The positive to these carts are that the characters are so true to life ( or movie) My Lightening and Mater really look like Lightening and Mater. I love it. I think they are so adorable!! They did have alo…

You have got to check out this blog hop!!!

I am very touched today to be apart of this world of paper crafting bloggers. As I was surfing the blogs that I follow I came across another blog hop, but this one is so very special. Alina from never stop scrapbooking is hosting a wonderful blog hop that is celebrating that special someone in your life. Whether it is someone that has passed on or that special someone in your life right now. During the blog hop there is some nice blog candy!! But more importantly are the stories and tributes to people. Please do not just skip through and get to the candy and comments sections. Please read what these women have published on their blogs because it is beautiful!! Many of them have touched my heart. Thank you Alina for this hop it is inspiring!!! Click here to start the blog hop!!
Have a blessed day !!

Too late for challenge but I thought you would like to see it!!

Good Afternoon crafters!!  It is a lovely day in Tn. In fact we are at 82 degrees right now!! I had a wonderful weekend. Church was once again amazing. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to say that about church again but God is good and we have found a wonderful place of worship. So I wanted to enter the easter blog hop that was going last week and I missed it :-( but I got a card done anyway and I wanted to share it with all of you today. Here it is…   I used a sheet of  white bazzill cardstock for the base of the card then I centered  a sheet of patterned paper from Nana’s kids. Then also centered a piece of yellow colormates paper and then ran it through my cuttlebug using the divine swirls folder. Of course I had to ink the edges of the yellow :-)!!!  The title came from MTC using the boyzrweird Font I really like that font alot !!!                  I used my create a critter cartridge for this card. I wanted to do something for the Lord but at the same time something adorable…

Hot Saturday, great couponing,and blog hops!!!!

Happy Saturday Evening everyone!!! It was a hot one here in eastern Tn. We reached 88 degrees today. I think summer decided to sneek in the back door today. Anywho... I have a few things to ramble about this evening.
First, I started couponing again and I must say that the Lord smiled upon my efforts yesterday when I went to Publix. My total before all the discounts was $239.16 and after all the sales and coupons I walked out paying $83.91 here a just a few of my bargains.

-18 boxes of Muellers whole wheat pasta for free!!!!
-4 bottles of Wishbone dressing for a total of $1.00
-6 oz pack of Craisin for $.68 I bought 10 bags
-8 pack of Juicy Juice boxes for $1.12 I bought 8 pack 32 juice boxes in all
-Sun chips and lays kettle cooked chips for $1.50 each.

There are many more but those are a few of my fav. deals.

Next order of blogginess, there are alot of blog hops going on lately and I encourage you if you have the time to try and participate. One reason is that this is a fantastic way to get…

First Video tutorial, a cute designer purse !!!!

Well here it is my first video tutorial. I was very nervous!! I have to give a big shout out to my lovely daughter Malia (she is the one holding the camera for me.) I do not have a tripod at this time so she was so kind to help me. Thank you my darling!! On to the tutorial….This project is originally from cupcake creations by Mona Pendleton. I came across this post and loved it!! I just needed to make it smaller and I wanted to share with everyone how to do it. Mona did an awesome job and I hope you like these as much as I do!! Click here to go to Mona’s tutorial. Here is the smaller version of the purse…. Thanks for stopping by and watching!! It will get better when I purchase a tripod. Remember comments are much appreciated!!

Shout out to Momo!!!!!

Hey I just wanted to give a big shout out to Momo at she has done this awesome thing for those of us new bloggers that have less then 200 followers. If you follow this link it will take you to her blog post and you can enter your name and people will see that you need followers and they can click on your name go to your blog and become a follower!!! Plus you can click on other names and join the blogs that you would like to join. It is so awesome!!! I know that since I put my name on the list I went from 8 followers to 32. So Thank you so much Momo you are helping us all make new friends and lend our abilities to others!!! Go and check it out!!!

A touch of ink scrapbook layout

Good Afternoon followers, ( if your not a follower feel free to hit that button over to the right:-) ) So I just participated in my first blog hop!! I will find out tonight or tomorrow if I won any blog candy!!! It was the Gotta have friends Blog hop started by Alex from you had me at crafts blog.
There are some awesome projects in this hop. Even if you didn't get to do this go and check out all the projects for some awesome ideas. Momo had a adorable card made with create a critter, and Robyn at My Pink Stamper has an awesome video making a card using the Expression 2. There are tons more so go check it out!!
So I recently have started to dabble in inking with my projects, now I am the first to tell you that I am not a pro at this and I am not even sure if what I do would be considered inking but I like it and I think it adds alot to my pages. I am currently working on a Disney World album from our trip in 2009. Yes, I know I should already have it done but you know …

Birthday Card using Wild Card and Paper doll dress up!!

Hello Fellow scrappers and card makers, I have a niece that is turning 7 on April 6th and being that we live pretty far apart ( I’m in Tenn. and she is in Florida.) I wanted to send her a card with some cold cash that she can use to purchase whatever her little heart desires.  So here it it….I was so excited to do this card because I had just recently purchased the cartridge Wild Card and I was eager to use it. I went ahead and picked the first card on the cartridge and started figuring out how to add my own touch to the project .I absolutely love this cartridge!! It has so many different cards on it along with a plethora of images, icons, phrases and much more. You have to make sure and make your envelopes first to ensure a good fit for your card. I created the envelope at 3 3/4 in. the card was the same size. Here is a photo of both.I added some strips of patterned paper to the front sides of the card and then I was ready to add my die cut. My niece absolutely love to dance so I kne…

A new journey in the crafting world!!

Hello, I am putting my hand to the plow in the world of blogging again. I have had this blog for awhile just haven't been able to really utilize it . For those of you who know this blog ( that is not that many at the moment, but that will change!!) you know that I used to design files for different cutting machines. Well, I found that I was designing files more than I was scrapbooking and forget about making a card for someone. I loved the machines and the files that are out there are awesome. I just found myself not scrapping as much as I would like. So...........I bought a Cricut expression!!!!!! I have to tell you at first I didn't think that I would like it. I sat in my craft room thinking that I had maybe made a mistake. Then after some time ( ok like 30 min. into playing around with the machine) I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. It is so easy and I hardly have to think at all. I love that I can design my layout and then pick some images that I would like …