Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hot Saturday, great couponing,and blog hops!!!!

Happy Saturday Evening everyone!!! It was a hot one here in eastern Tn. We reached 88 degrees today. I think summer decided to sneek in the back door today. Anywho... I have a few things to ramble about this evening.
First, I started couponing again and I must say that the Lord smiled upon my efforts yesterday when I went to Publix. My total before all the discounts was $239.16 and after all the sales and coupons I walked out paying $83.91 here a just a few of my bargains.

-18 boxes of Muellers whole wheat pasta for free!!!!
-4 bottles of Wishbone dressing for a total of $1.00
-6 oz pack of Craisin for $.68 I bought 10 bags
-8 pack of Juicy Juice boxes for $1.12 I bought 8 pack 32 juice boxes in all
-Sun chips and lays kettle cooked chips for $1.50 each.

There are many more but those are a few of my fav. deals.

Next order of blogginess, there are alot of blog hops going on lately and I encourage you if you have the time to try and participate. One reason is that this is a fantastic way to get great inspiration for projects. Another is that we are able to be introduced to so many blogs that other wise we might not have found. Finally........BLOG CANDY!!!!!! Things like stamps, paper, embellishments, and even Cartirdges!!! So get out there and check it out. I will try and post when I come across them.

I do have one to share with you all tonite:-) Cooking with cricut has a couple different things going on right now. One of them is a bunny blog hop. There are some extremely talented ladies on this list and the blog candy is not too bad either! Plus they are having a 1600 followers celebrations. Go check it out she has a huge amount of blog candy up for grabs. She has the rules listed in order to be able to have a chance at winning the Candy. You have until April 16th to enter you can get there by clicking here .

So there is a beginning for tonight. I will try and have a column on the side of the blog to have you all notifications of blog hops. Of course that takes a wee bit of blog saviness to actually figure out how to do that so give me a little bit of time!!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings tonight. Good Night and God Bless!!!

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