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Sale starting tomorrow, Freebie today and Vacation photos!!!

Hello blog followers!! I pray that you all are enjoying the fall weather that has begun to settle in. Every year I tell myself that I want to make it up to Gatlinburg to take in Fall up there in the mountains and this yr I was blessed to be able to do that with my daughter. Ofcourse the leaves had not changed yet but the scenery was beautiful and there was plenty of fun to be had.
Well, this is the best picture I could take of both of us!! LOL, as you could see I look like I am trying to get away from the camera. It felt like I was about to kiss it.

One of the neat things we were able to experience was Ripleys Believe it or not Museum. That was fun and farely cheap especially for Homeschool families. Malia really enjoyed it,seeing all of the unique items and reading the interesting facts. There was one section that was creepy we try to avoid those types of areas but you had to go through it to get to the rest.
Well, even though the leaves had not changed yet the mountains were still abs…