Monday, November 28, 2011

FCCB Moday Challenge!!!

Happy Monday Bloggers and Welcome to Little Creations for the Cricut!!

I hope that you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Sorry for the recent absence but I am back now and I even have a quick project for today!

Today is Challenge Me Monday over at FCCB
and todays theme is Holiday Cards so I hurried last night to get this out. With the holiday and family and shopping I didn't even get home till yesterday afternoon!!

Here is my project:
It is my first Gateway Card, I had never made one of these before. This was a really quick card. I think it only took me about 20 min. I used Joys of the Season Cartridge for the Wreath and Peace!! I had never used this cart before and it is really great for Christmas!! I added some eyelets in each corner just to give that little extra something.

I wasn't sure how I could fasten the card at the opening. Then I found some old velcro and it worked pretty good for the card. It is not so pretty but works good!!

Then I did some simple stamping on the inside and then put a sentiment in the middle. My spacing is a little off but I think it is ok!!!!

This is a great opportunity to get those holiday cards made and sent out. I know that every year I fail in getting mine all done but this yr I am going to do it!!!!

So hop on over to FCCB and join in on the challenge!!! Have fun!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Tragic Loss

My Heart has been breaking and the tears just seem to keep coming!! In the picture above is a sweet dear friend who was tragically killed this weekend in a small plane crash. For those of you in Florida I am sure that you have heard the news of a small plane crash in the everglades. This was his plane he was the pilot. This is such shocking news to all because he was such a good pilot and careful flyer!! We are all searching for answers and praying that the Lord will reveal this week to give closure especially to the family!
Ryan Ruano had to have been one of the funnest, sweetest, happiest people I have ever met. That smile on his face was a permanent fixture!! He lived his life to the fullest never missing a beat!!! Always doing the things that he loved and having a blast doing them!!
I moved to Florida when I was 19 and after a week of being there I met the man that I would marry Kevin!! Well 3 days after meeeting him I decided to walk down to the local hardware store where he worked to say hi. I remember that day meeting everyone that he worked with except Cheryl ( who later became my bestie!!!) Ryan was one of those people and there are so many memories of him at the store!
I can remember walking into the store to see Kevin and as I walked in through the front door from the back would come this tall, handsome young man and then " awwwwwwww!! What's up girlllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in that tone of voice that only Ryan had!!!!
He will be missed by so many especially his Mom, Dad, and sister.

Ryan, you were such an amazing soul!! When God created you he knew how your spirit would touch so many!! How your laughter and silliness would bring so much joy to so many. You took on life the way that most of us wish we could. We will all hold tight to the memories that we all have of you. Make sure you dance like never before up there in heaven and I know that you will have the angels themselves bowled over from laughter. Have fun up there and we all look forward to seeing you again!!! We love you and miss you already!!! Our hearts have forever been touched by your life. Rest in Peace with the Father my friend.
Please, if you knew Ryan leave a comment on this post. All comments will be shown to family to let them know the extent of lives that their son touched!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lot's of Fun with FCCB Cricut Crawl today!!!!!

Welcome to Little creations for the Cricut and the Fantabulous Cricut Harvest Blessings Crawl...Fantabulous Cricut's version of a blog hop!

It's Fall and everyone at Fantabulous Cricut has decided to create projects to give thanks for our Harvest Blessings! Each Design Team member will be featuring an original Fall project that includes Brown, Orange and Red – along with at least one Cricut cut.

If you've come from visiting Charlotte at, you're in the right place! If you've just happened across my blog and would like to play along with our Fantabulous Cricut Crawl, start HERE .

Make sure to check out each DT member's blog for some awesome inspiration! There will be PRIZES along the way at some of our DT members' blogs, AND there will be a Grand Prize up for grabs at FCCB for one participant that submits a "Harvest Blessings" project at FCCB!

Here is my project for the crawl....

( I have been sick in bed all day so I will have more detail on the project tomorrow)

I have seen alot of these done and I have really wanted to do one myself so here is mine and I love it!!! It really adds color to my foyer!!

Now it's your turn! Let's see your Harvest Blessings projects! Make sure to include a Cricut cut somewhere on your project and be sure to use the colours Brown, Orange and Red as well!

Next stop… Faith's blog, at Go and see what she has in store for you today. And when you're done, make sure to link up your project to FCCB's Fantabulous Cricut Crawl post to be entered into the contest!

Happy Crawling!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A thank you and then FCCB Cricut Crawl!!!!!

Howdy!! Good Morning scrappers. First off I would like to take a moment and let all of you know that I read each and every comment that is left on this blog and I just want to say thank you so much to all of you that have left comments. The world of blogging is huge and to have such nice comments left on your blog is really special!! You all continue to give me inspiration to keep going in the blogging world. So thank you so much and I look forward to what the future will be for this blog!! Who knows maybe one day I can get sponsored and start giving away some awesome blog candy!! LOL!!!

The other thing I wanted to post about to was to remind you all to tune in to the FCCB on the 14th because they are having a fun and festive Cricut Crawl!!!
It is their version of a blog hop so make sure you hop on over there and join in the fun!!!
Thanks everyone and God Bless

Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Lover Challenge at FCCB!!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to Little Creations for the Cricut!!

I am so psyched today because it is my first day as being apart of the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog design team. If you haven’t checked out their blog it is a must! This great team has something everyday for the paper lover in all of us!! Each Monday is a challenge me Monday and today happens to be Monday and so the challenge has begun!!!

This weeks challenge is titled Book Lover. All you have to do is create something about books or with books.

Well it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to make for this challenge. In fact I chuckled somewhat because I thought that this was pretty tough for my first challenge! LOL!! I was going to just do a layout but for some reason I didn’t want to so then I came up with this:IMG_4043

Some of you may be wondering what this is exactly so let me explain. I am a homeschool mom and I have a 7 yr old son who is really starting to read quite well. In our school he has several books that he has to read and I thought that giving him the choice of which one to read next might be fun for him.

So this is his u-pick book tree. When it is time for him to read a new book he will come to the tree and pick one of the books and it will have a title in it, that will be the book he will read next.


This is one of the books. Each book has a title in it!!


I love the U-pick sign!! It is from the Camp out Cartridge.

I just recently received the Simply Charmed Cartridge and I had to use it in this project I think I will love this cart!!!


Here is a shot from above you can see how I put different layers of grass in bottom. IMG_4049

So there is my first project for my first FCCB Challenge!!! I am so excited to see all of your projects. Make sure you check out all of the design teams projects for some amazing inspiration.

Thanks ya’ll and here is the recipe for the U-pick book tree:

Tree and Leaves – Serenade (tree cut at fit to page, leaves cut at 10.75 in 4 different colors.)

Books-Campin Critters cut at 2 in.

Bird- Simply Charmed cut at 2 in.

Nest- Create a Critter cut at 1 in.

Fence - Everyday Paper Dolls cut at 7 in. on fit to length

Grass- I cut this in CCR with a rectangle welded to the bottom to give it a ledge to stand up with. I cut it at 9.5

Bottom square is measured at 10.5 inches and then I scored all sides at around half an inch and cut at the corners to create the box look.

If you would like a full detailed tutorial on this project please email me and I can get that for you!!!

Thanks and God bless!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun and some exciting news!!

Good Morning!!! The day after Halloween is always a slow one especially when it comes on a weekday. My kids are so glad we homeschool because I let them sleep in on this day!! We stayed up late after trick or treating watching Captain America!!!
Their costumes were really cute this year. For months now my 7 yr old has told me that he wanted to be Thor with the hammer so we finally go to buy the costume and when we get there he spots another one and throws Thor down on the ground and grabs......


He is so funny!!! He was so excited when he saw this costume. Thor was history after that. My daughter however is getting older and it is getting harder to figure out a costume. I saved the day this yr and thought up the idea of an 80's girl and she loved it!!!
We had alot of fun!!! ......Anywho onto my exciting news..............I was recently picked to be apart of the FCCB design team!!!! If you are not sure what this is then Shame on YOU!!!!! Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge blog!!!!! This is a great place and I feel honored to have been chosen!!! So make sure you all come by and check it out. Everyday they have something new and Mondays are challenge days so make sure you get in on those!!
Thanks everyone and have a blessed day!!!