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In need of Opinions please!!!

I mentioned in my last post that this blog is going to mainly be about my two favorite things and today I am going to blog about my scrapbooking journey. I have really been in the mood lately to scrapbook and I think it is because of the rain. ( in fact as soon as I am done with this I am loading the kids up and taking a trip to Hobby Lobby) Anywho I have some new designs and I need some input ladies. I am new to the blogging scene and I think it will be a great place for feedback. These designs will be going onto my website next week for sale, but if you like them and let me know now I will email them to you for free. Yes I said for free!!!! One more thing, I am needing all the help I can get so if any of you more experienced bloggers could give me any advice I will be very willing to accept it. I wouldn't mention names or anything but (Sandy and Chris, and many more.) I have seen and read some great blogs.LOL!!! Ok I have to go now and go buy paper and I might try the new glimm…
Ok so I really suck at posting for P90x, Yes we are still doing it, We did have to stop for about two weeks while the family went through a terrible stomach flu. I will continue to post about P90x, but just at a monthly basis. I am now redirecting by blog to more family things and of course my favorite hobbies in the world. One of them is the Lord God almighty. This is where I will express what the Lord is speaking to me at the time and then the other is no other than scrapbooking. So please come and check back often you never know what you are going to get. Thanks