Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Okay so I would love your thoughts on this!!!

Yes, this is coming a bit late in the day but I unfortunately am suffering from a very yucky sinus cold :-( and it took me a long time to get it done and then finally up on the blog.

I have shared with ya’ll that I am trying to get my Disney pictures scrapped from our vacation 2 years ago!!! ( I know that is pretty sad isn’t it) But hey praise the Lord for Photo Cd’s that last for-e-ver. ( have you ever seen the sandlot!! With the guy that says forever really slow, it’s a hoot) Anyway….I am trying to work diligently on this album so today I worked on one of the pages that have to do with having dinner with the Princesses at Epcot. I learned a new technique for paper flowers using my Plantin Schoolbook Cart for this page. And I must say….. that I so totally love it!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I think that ya’ll must think I am a cross between a valley girl and a southern gal!! With all of my so’s you all’s and ya’lls. To tell you the truth I am originally from Upstate NY but Florida is officially my home of choice and I hope to get back there soon.

Ok Ok enough jibber jabber. What I need you all for is to help me decide if I should scrap this or frame it. I like it so much I am not sure what I want to do. Here is the layout:IMG_3421

I have to tell you that I am still wondering how I did it. All I can say is Thank you so much to all of the bloggers out there who give great tutorials. I found the tutorial for the rose on one of the blogs (due to my Nyquil induced coma I am not thinking clearly) I tried it out and wa-lah it worked!!! Here is a close-up and then I will give you the details.


This was so easy to make and literally took like 5 min. It was made from the flower image on my Plantin Schoolbook cart. It is near the end of the handbook and on the bottom row of the keyboard.

So I used the Storybook Cartridge for the rest of this layout. I love this cartridge and I know that many of you have had it for a long time but I just got this cart back in March and I am still pretty new to it. For the trellis or vines that my little flowers are on I used the branch border on page 38 of the handbook


Then I added some small pink and cream flowers from Got Flowers. I used some glitter glue to add alittle something to my cream colored flowers.


Next I added a cute title from Storybook it’s the Once upon a time title from pg 68 and I also used the accent blackout on pg 68 to give my title a mat.


Then I put four corners from the storybook cartridge on the page. They were on pg 47 of the handbook. Lastly I added little rhinestones on each flower in the corners.

Please let me know if you would like the full tutorial on the flower. Thanks everyone!!!

So tell me should I Scrap it (put it in an album) or Frame it???


  1. This is so beautiful!!! I would never hide it in a scrapbook!!

  2. I think you did a fantastic job and should frame it!!!! That is gorgeous!! I would like the full tutorial on the flower please;

  3. Love it, wonderful job! Frame it for sure!

  4. Definitely Frame it!! Way to good to close up in an album!!
    yes on the flower tutorial!!
    Denise in WA

  5. Frame frame frame!!!! And I HAVE to know how you made that beautiful flower!!!!!

  6. I'd frame it!!! It is so cute and the 3D rose is awesome. Would LOVE to know where the tutorial is. Please share!!!!

  7. Gorgeous! Definitely frame it - show it off to everyone who walks in the door! :-)

  8. Very beautiful...frame it!
    I would like the full tutorial on the flower.
    Thank you

  9. I would want to have this on my wall. You did a wonderful job.

  10. Beautiful layout! i would frame it! I also would love to see the flower tutorial, its gorgeous!

  11. Anything that lovely should be shown...frame it!! You did a wonderful job! The rose is beautiful!

  12. Love the flower, beautiful job! Thank-you for joining the RAK group if you could add me as a friend on Facebook ( Deborah Jennings Foti) I can add you to the rak group..
    Thanks have a lovely day!

  13. Love it! Definitely frame it!

  14. btw Yes a tutorial on the flower is quite necessary

  15. Put it in a protector with cardboard behind it and use an easel to display it! That way you can change the picture easily whenever you come up with the next gotta frame layout.

  16. Such a great LO! Frame it for a while and then change it w/another one of your masterpieces!

  17. I say frame this gorgeous creation! But, use a shadow box frame, and leave the back so that you can remove it when you are ready to put another art piece in it, Then you can scrap this one.

  18. Absolutely beautiful frame.


  19. NO Question --FRAME IT--
    Great job and I would love to see a tutorial on the rose.

  20. OMG...so cute! Definitely frame it! I have an award for you...visit my blog to check out the details: http://prettypaperprettyribbons.blogspot.com/2011/05/just-little-this-and-that.html.


  21. bee-utiful, definitely worthy of being framed

  22. Frame it! It's a work of art! I love the rose!


  23. I have been scrapbooking for a few years now and today I bought a cricut. I searched online for blogs to get some ideas. I was literally amazed when I came across your page. This scrapbook page is absolutely beautiful. My suggestion is to frame it for everyone to see. Your daughter is so lucky to have a crafty mom like you :-)