Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My first Disney layout with my cricut!!!


Since I am going to talk about a Disney layout, why not have my font be Disney!!! This makes me chuckle somewhat because I have a friend that absolutely has to be the biggest Disney fan I know and I am steadily thinking of her while I am writing up this post. Hi Stacey!!! ( This is all I can do of the font, I cannot even read it myself! lol!)

Anyway I am trying to get my Disney album done and so I worked on another layout and was successful in completing it.

I have to say that this is the first time I created a Disney layout using my cricut with a Disney cartridge. I can definetly see how these carts can get somewhat frustrating. What I found was that I had to do alot of trial and error cuts to figure out my setting and then there were some things that I just couldn’t cut too small.

The positive to these carts are that the characters are so true to life ( or movie) My Lightening and Mater really look like Lightening and Mater. I love it. I think they are so adorable!! They did have alot of pieces but the pieces cut well and were easy to glue together. I couldn’t go really fast but that was ok, I wanted the detail so I was willing to slow down for it. here is a pic of the layout: ( I didn’t exactly take a straight pic)

IMG_3388  This is the entire layout. We were at Disney Hollywood Studios. We love Cars!!!


Here is my little main man Matthew with his favorite car!! The road signs were my biggest challenge on this cart. I did not need them to be big so I had to do some tweeking to get them to look good small. ( with the yield sign I ended up just writing the word in there.) I loved this cut of Mcqueen and the Kachow just added that last little something to the page.


Here is a close up of Mcqueen and the Kachow. I cut the spare part layer of Kachow twice because I wanted the letters to be filled in instead just outlined in black. I really like the end result.


Here is the second page with Mater. Mater cut very well and pieced together nicely. I used the jagged hinges on page 117 of Fabulous Finds Cartridge, to give the look of my pictures being hinged together. And of course I had to use the tow mater sign from the Cars Cartridge on page 50 of the handbook.



Well that is it for the layout. We had so much fun at Disney!! It is a fun vacation ( I am not sure I would call it relaxing! LOL!) but fun. Here is one last pic of the family hanging with our buddies from cars!!


Thanks for sharing in my memories with me!!!! God Bless and remember I love comments!!!


  1. Great job! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Gotta love Disney with you kids! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super cute!!! Love the Cars cartridge!!! I just found you on the link up party...Your blog is super cute and love your projects! I am a new follower of yours, would love for you to stop by my blog and follow too:)
    Sherrie K

  3. Now there is fantastic LOs! Very nicely done and they match so well. Looks like a heck of a time.

  4. These are really wonderful! I love the Disney cartridges, but I can see them being difficult at time, I made a Woody!

  5. Wow, what a layout! It looks perfect! So glad I discovered your blog! Stopping over from the Love Link up party. New follower, would love for you to pop over to my blog and have a look and maybe follow.

  6. You are right, you have made a very cute layout.

  7. Love love love your layouts!!! Perfect for this exhibit huh! I haven't been to Disney in a few years and they did not have those back then - drat, I need to go back....I still am a kid at 48 haha! You did great!

  8. Hi, I'm just popping in to meet you. I'm a new follower and I'm here on the Love Link Up Party from K Andrews.Have a great day. Hope to see you over at mine!
    Hugs from Gold Coast, Australia
    Trish Munro

  9. I agree absolutely with the Disney cartridges...they take FOREVER but they look amazing! I love your layout...great job!!!

  10. Love the layouts! I certainly don't have the patience to piece together ALL those little pieces, LOL~ You made it look great (and easy!)