Friday, October 8, 2010

Sale starting tomorrow, Freebie today and Vacation photos!!!

Hello blog followers!! I pray that you all are enjoying the fall weather that has begun to settle in. Every year I tell myself that I want to make it up to Gatlinburg to take in Fall up there in the mountains and this yr I was blessed to be able to do that with my daughter. Of course the leaves had not changed yet but the scenery was beautiful and there was plenty of fun to be had.
Well, this is the best picture I could take of both of us!! LOL, as you could see I look like I am trying to get away from the camera. It felt like I was about to kiss it.

One of the neat things we were able to experience was Ripleys Believe it or not Museum. That was fun and farely cheap especially for Homeschool families. Malia really enjoyed it,seeing all of the unique items and reading the interesting facts. There was one section that w
as creepy we try to avoid those types of areas but you had to go through it to get to the rest.
Well, even though the leaves had not changed yet the mountains were still absolutely gorgeous!! I would have to give Gatlinburg a 7 on my scale of vacation spots. It was fun, and the view was gorgeous!!!

Being up in Gatlinburg really got my mind going on ideas for Fall and Halloween. There was already tons of stuff up there decorated for all of the festivities that will go on. There was a lot of scary stuff that I try to avoid but it was everywhere. So I came back and was inspired to design some Fall/Halloween files. The next three will be in the available files sections tomorrow for purchase!!! Plus do not miss out I am putting all of my files on sale tomorrow!!!! Yep that's right 40% off!!!! So please check out that section tomorrow!! Here are the three new files!!
I would love to here your comments about the files or the blog itself. I really enjoy the feedback and anything that can help me be a better designer or blogger!!! Thanks

Onto the free file of the week. This is a file that is for sale but this week I am giving it as a freebie!!! It is very simple to cut and easy to piece together, The password is iagreetous. Click Here for Download.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Day Monday!!!

It has been raining here all day in Eastern Tn. It has made me some what want to just read and nap but it is much needed here in this area. Feels like Fall!! Today has been an interesting day, my daughter who is twelve blessed me today with just sitting and sharing her heart with me. She expressed to me that she is realizing that as you grow and get older life gets harder and responsibility comes into play. She really is not fond of this and would like to go back to being about 8 yrs old. She is struggling with a few things and so this was weighing on her heavily. Praise God though because she came to me and talked with me about it and then cried in my arms. I am so blessed that she felt comfortable enough to talk with me. I believe that this is how God wants us to be with our children and how he wants them to be with us. There are so many teenage girls out there lost and looking for directions, we have to pray that they " will turn their hearts to their fathers and mothers " and that the parents will turn their hearts to them. So while we are living in this time of ipods and cell phones, computers, video games and just about anything you can think of I encourage you all tonight to shut everything off for the evening and spend some much needed time with the kideos one on one. Whether it is playing a boardgame or just sitting and having conversation. Our kids desire for us to be in their lives. Make it fun, hey you could even scrapbook with your daughter with this cute new free file!!!
So after all the conversations with my daughter today I thought that a file about family would be perfect. This file is great for a number of projects, scrapbooking, card making and even Vinyl applications. I think it would be beautiful on the wall. Here is the link and the password is iagreetous. Enjoy the file.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fall Freebie!!!!

Happy Friday!!! Are you feeling that cooler weather yet? Here in Tn we haven't quite gotten there yet. The mornings and evenings are cooler but not cool by any means!!! I am excited for fall so that is what inspired the freebie this week. I hope you all like it!! Well if you have read the prior post you know that I now have my files available for sale on the next page and you can use paypal to purchase them!!! This is very exciting and I am eager to see what comes of it. I know that I do not have games and challenges to offer my customers at this point but I do have some cute files!!! So please check the page out. I do not have all of them up yet. I will be adding more every week. Please feel free to leave comments on here! I love hearing from people and getting to know my readers!! You can also let me know if there is a certain type of file you are looking for and I will see if I can design it. Thanks everyone and enjoy the file.

Click here for freebie, password is iagreetous

By the way I am in the works of starting a quarterly membership. So many files for a specific price. Let me know what you all think and what you would like in a membership!! Thanks again

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Files Available!!!

Yey!!!! After a long struggle with trying to figure out this whole blog/website stuff out, I am proud to announce that I was actually able to get the paypal buttons up and operating. So what does this mean? Well now you can actually purchase files or die cuts directly from my blog. Up at the top of this page you will see a link to Available Files. Click on it and that will direct you to the page with the files. I will be adding files every week. I do not have all the kinks out but I will learn as I go. If any of you have any experience with this type of blog/store thing I can use all the advice I can get. Don't forget to stop by Friday for the Freebie File!!!! Thanks everyone

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day Late!!!

Good Morning!!!! So I was out yesterday doing some much needed shopping with my great coupons!!! I was able to score muellers whole wheat pasta for .25 cents!! Woo Hoo. I picked up 45 boxes of it and only paid like $7.50. I love couponing!!! Anyway since I was gone all day I did not get to post anything on my blog especially the freebie. So I am putting it up this morning along with two new files that are for sale. This morning in Eastern Tn is is only about 57 degrees out and only going to about 82 today so it truly does feel like it is time start scrapping again!! So get those cutters out and make some great projects. Enjoy them and happy scrapping!!!!

I created this file for pictures that I took of a homeschooling project. It was so much fun. My children were learning about the Ancient Egyptians and one of the projects was for Matthew to be wrapped up like a mummy. It was so much fun. Malia was very eager to be his "Mortician" Here are a few pics that show the inspiration for this fun file.
File: LC0063 $ 2.00 Die Cut: $3.00

This next file has very special meaning to me. The two beautiful children that I have are true miracles from the Lord and We are now trying for a third and it has not been an easy road. I can relate with all of those woman out their trying to conceive. We have never had an easy time conceiving but we are believing that God is going to bless us with another miracle hopefully soon!!!
File: LC0064 $2.00 Die Cut: $3.50

Free File!!!!!- has expired.
Here is just a fun little last of summer file. This is great as a mat or a background or just a cute decor piece to your projects. The password is iagreetous. Available all day today!! Have Fun.
File LC0065: 1.00 Die Cut :$2.00

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Morning!!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!! I just wanted to say Kudoes to those lucky people who received the free file yesterday. It happens to be one of my favorite files!!! There will be another free file next Friday along with more files for sale. I did forget to mention that my email address is located on the left side of the blog. If you see anything that you would like to purchase please email me for the transaction. Thanks Everyone Have a great Saturday!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Fun Files and 1 Freebie File!!!!

After alot of thought and organization of my day. Which includes devotions, housework, homeschooling a 7th and 1st grader and preparing meals. I have decided to go on my own with my designs and die cuts. I was with Visual Designs by Chris which by the way is an awesome site and I recommend everyone going to the site and checking out all of the cool stuff that Chris has over there. I was just not able to put the time into the forums and challenges and such so I felt like it was not fair to others. Therefore all that I can offer at this time is just my files here on my blog and actual die cuts also. I will offer my files in the following formats: KNK, AI, SVG, GSD, and WPC. All of the files you see will have been precut to know that cutting will be smooth. If you see a file that you would like to purchase just slip me an email and I will contact you for the transaction. My preferred payment is Paypal but I can also take payment through the mail. After each file you will see the file number and then a price for the file itself and then a price for the actually die cut. So I hope that you come and check it out and enjoy the files. Today I have 4 files on here to display and one of them will be free until midnight tonight.

Here is the first of the four. This file is for sale. This little froggy is so cute. I swear that every time I look at it I smile!! This will go great with any number of projects. It cuts smoothly and there are a number of colors that one could use for the title. Have fun using this file!!!
File: LC0060 $ 2.50 Die Cut: $ 4.00

My husband is an avid hunter and this last season my 12 yr old daughter started hunting with daddy so I know that I will be needing some good hunting embellishments. Here is second file for today!!! I love it. I hope you like the bow and arrow as much as I do. I just think it is fun but yet cool enough to be on a project that involves some pics of my husband. This file cuts smoothly the green on the bow is delicate so be careful pulling if off of your mat after cutting!!!
File: LC0061 $ 2.50 Die Cut: $4.00

Summer fun, fun, fun!! That is all that the 3rd file is just some fun for summer. Did you have a great romantic trip this summer or maybe just a romantic time at home with your honey!!! This file is great for any of those type projects. It could also be used for those projects just displaying the great time the summer gives us. The wonderful opportunities that only summer offers. That is why we all love summer isn't it!!! Enjoy!
File: LC0062 $ 3.00 Die Cut: $4.00


This file is an older one of mine that is still a favorite. It is great for any type of camping pictures of maybe for when you are roasting marshmallows around the fire at home. Either way it is cute and it cuts smoothly!! Enjoy this freebie until midnight tonight and then it will be for sale!! Watch for the next freebie coming next week. Below I will post the link for this file and remember to put in the password: iagreetous. Thanks for visiting the blog!!

This file is no longer available for free download.
File: LC0059 $2.50 Die Cut: $4.00

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Grab bag!!!!!!!!!

It is time for another Grab bag!!! Let me tell you that if you have not purchased one of these yet, then this is the one to get. Not only does it have three great topics for scrapbooking but the files are outstanding this month
. Plus VDBC's very own Sharon Mobley was kind enough to add in a bonus file that is too cute. Here is a peek at that.

I absolutely love this file!!!!! Sharon did an awesome job
. The footprints are so cute and the title is beautiful. So hurry and snatch this bag up. Early birds get the whole thing for only $7.00. That is a steal. So have fun and get ready to cut!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friends, Fun, and lots of Laughter!!!

God has so blessed us in our lives. No matter where he lands us whether it be for a short season or for a long time he always blesses us with wonderful people. I truly believe that God created us to be in relationship with others continually and I love to be able to watch that happen in my children. What a fun weekend!! Matthew (the one in the middle) was blessed this weekend by having some of his friends over to play and sleepover. This is Nicodemus and Barouk. They are two very sweet little boys. As you can see all three of them went through costumes, constantly switching roles and laughing all the way. I do not even think yoda could keep up with all three of these boys. They all enjoyed playing star wars, and they had lightsaber battles and then at one point I saw the dinosaurs out and then of course their was the clammer of little feet all over the house. Up and then down and then repeat!!! One of the cutiest moments was when Nicodemus had bumped his head on our little table in the kitchen and he started to cry a little like it hurt and I told him to let me look at it and he came over and told me that he was scared because it hit his lucky brain parts!!! I have never heard that before!! I had him count to ten and then I kissed him on the head. He turned and looked at me and said " Oh my lucky brain part doesn't hurt anymore!!"
Bed time of course had some comical value of it own. As we tucked them all in for the night we told them that they could watch some of Planet 51 to help them wind down. As we were doing this my son Matthew looks over at Kevin and I and says " It feels so good to have my friends with me spending the night." Well of course my heart just melted for that and it made me want to have his friends over all of the time. Then they all wanted to pray. As each of them prayed they really lifted up their little hearts to God and then when Nicodemus was finishing his prayer, Kevin and I could not help but laugh. He wanted to thank God for Kevin and I letting him stay at our home but he could not remember Kevin's name. It went something like this... " Lord in heaven I thank you for Mr. and Mrs. Crystal " Oh it was so funny. Thank You Lord for the hearts of these 5 and 6 yr old boys that all three of them will grow to live their lives for you God. Thanks for reading!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Fresh Start

I am finally back on my blog. It has been hard for me to come here. You see the last entry I made was on October 1, 2009 and on the next day was when I found out that my 12 week pregnancy had ended, that the baby had died. It was a terrible day and many times when I would come back to the blog I would see that date and just cry!!! I have conquered that now with the help of my heavenly Father!! He so graciously showed me one morning that I just needed to give it all to him. So I did and here I am back on the blog.

So much to catch up on! My husband and I have decided to put our home up for sale and when it sells move on back to sunny Florida. This in my opinion has been the hand of the Lord also because I have never in my life been able to call anywhere home before and just recently I found myself longing for home. For the first time that name actually had a place with it. It is Florida. For anyone that knows me they know that I would have never called Florida home but God has shown me in the last yr and a half that that is exactly what Florida was and is for me. Home.
Humility has been a regularity in my life lately. God has been weeding in my heart showing me how my attitude was stinky in Florida and that he took me out of Florida to show me the beauty and splendor of the state but more importantly the beauty and splendor of the people that we know there. He has revealed to me that I did not see nor appreciate the love that came from those that surrounded us. So I am eager to get back although the Lord has given us wonderful people here in Tn to enjoy and experience life with. Therefore we will be sad to say good-bye and will miss them all greatly. My goal is to love them all as much as possible with the time that we have left here.
Well I will post more tonight or tomorrow but right now I am off to get some much needed groceries.
Thank you to all those that come and read and part take in my life. I will continue to post and there will be free files coming soon. Thanks !!!!