Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Day Monday!!!

It has been raining here all day in Eastern Tn. It has made me some what want to just read and nap but it is much needed here in this area. Feels like Fall!! Today has been an interesting day, my daughter who is twelve blessed me today with just sitting and sharing her heart with me. She expressed to me that she is realizing that as you grow and get older life gets harder and responsibility comes into play. She really is not fond of this and would like to go back to being about 8 yrs old. She is struggling with a few things and so this was weighing on her heavily. Praise God though because she came to me and talked with me about it and then cried in my arms. I am so blessed that she felt comfortable enough to talk with me. I believe that this is how God wants us to be with our children and how he wants them to be with us. There are so many teenage girls out there lost and looking for directions, we have to pray that they " will turn their hearts to their fathers and mothers " and that the parents will turn their hearts to them. So while we are living in this time of ipods and cell phones, computers, video games and just about anything you can think of I encourage you all tonight to shut everything off for the evening and spend some much needed time with the kideos one on one. Whether it is playing a boardgame or just sitting and having conversation. Our kids desire for us to be in their lives. Make it fun, hey you could even scrapbook with your daughter with this cute new free file!!!
So after all the conversations with my daughter today I thought that a file about family would be perfect. This file is great for a number of projects, scrapbooking, card making and even Vinyl applications. I think it would be beautiful on the wall. Here is the link and the password is iagreetous. Enjoy the file.


  1. What a treasure that your daughter trusted in you to share her thoughts and feeling. I treasure every moment I have with my children. I love the file. Thank you very much.!!

  2. Thankyou for the lovely file and the beautiful story!