Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fall Freebie!!!!

Happy Friday!!! Are you feeling that cooler weather yet? Here in Tn we haven't quite gotten there yet. The mornings and evenings are cooler but not cool by any means!!! I am excited for fall so that is what inspired the freebie this week. I hope you all like it!! Well if you have read the prior post you know that I now have my files available for sale on the next page and you can use paypal to purchase them!!! This is very exciting and I am eager to see what comes of it. I know that I do not have games and challenges to offer my customers at this point but I do have some cute files!!! So please check the page out. I do not have all of them up yet. I will be adding more every week. Please feel free to leave comments on here! I love hearing from people and getting to know my readers!! You can also let me know if there is a certain type of file you are looking for and I will see if I can design it. Thanks everyone and enjoy the file.

Click here for freebie, password is iagreetous

By the way I am in the works of starting a quarterly membership. So many files for a specific price. Let me know what you all think and what you would like in a membership!! Thanks again


  1. Thanks for the gorgeous freebie! Even though we are heading into Summer here in Australia, Autumn is my favourite season of the year!