Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day Late!!!

Good Morning!!!! So I was out yesterday doing some much needed shopping with my great coupons!!! I was able to score muellers whole wheat pasta for .25 cents!! Woo Hoo. I picked up 45 boxes of it and only paid like $7.50. I love couponing!!! Anyway since I was gone all day I did not get to post anything on my blog especially the freebie. So I am putting it up this morning along with two new files that are for sale. This morning in Eastern Tn is is only about 57 degrees out and only going to about 82 today so it truly does feel like it is time start scrapping again!! So get those cutters out and make some great projects. Enjoy them and happy scrapping!!!!

I created this file for pictures that I took of a homeschooling project. It was so much fun. My children were learning about the Ancient Egyptians and one of the projects was for Matthew to be wrapped up like a mummy. It was so much fun. Malia was very eager to be his "Mortician" Here are a few pics that show the inspiration for this fun file.
File: LC0063 $ 2.00 Die Cut: $3.00

This next file has very special meaning to me. The two beautiful children that I have are true miracles from the Lord and We are now trying for a third and it has not been an easy road. I can relate with all of those woman out their trying to conceive. We have never had an easy time conceiving but we are believing that God is going to bless us with another miracle hopefully soon!!!
File: LC0064 $2.00 Die Cut: $3.50

Free File!!!!!- has expired.
Here is just a fun little last of summer file. This is great as a mat or a background or just a cute decor piece to your projects. The password is iagreetous. Available all day today!! Have Fun.
File LC0065: 1.00 Die Cut :$2.00


  1. Thankyou very much for the freebie. I wish you all the best with your efforts to add to your beautiful family. Keep faith, my daughter and SIL are expecting their first in a couple of months after many yrs of trying and my sister, her second, also after yrs. cheers, caz

  2. I love that you made it in all the file types. Can't wait to cut it!