Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Fun Files and 1 Freebie File!!!!

After alot of thought and organization of my day. Which includes devotions, housework, homeschooling a 7th and 1st grader and preparing meals. I have decided to go on my own with my designs and die cuts. I was with Visual Designs by Chris which by the way is an awesome site and I recommend everyone going to the site and checking out all of the cool stuff that Chris has over there. I was just not able to put the time into the forums and challenges and such so I felt like it was not fair to others. Therefore all that I can offer at this time is just my files here on my blog and actual die cuts also. I will offer my files in the following formats: KNK, AI, SVG, GSD, and WPC. All of the files you see will have been precut to know that cutting will be smooth. If you see a file that you would like to purchase just slip me an email and I will contact you for the transaction. My preferred payment is Paypal but I can also take payment through the mail. After each file you will see the file number and then a price for the file itself and then a price for the actually die cut. So I hope that you come and check it out and enjoy the files. Today I have 4 files on here to display and one of them will be free until midnight tonight.

Here is the first of the four. This file is for sale. This little froggy is so cute. I swear that every time I look at it I smile!! This will go great with any number of projects. It cuts smoothly and there are a number of colors that one could use for the title. Have fun using this file!!!
File: LC0060 $ 2.50 Die Cut: $ 4.00

My husband is an avid hunter and this last season my 12 yr old daughter started hunting with daddy so I know that I will be needing some good hunting embellishments. Here is second file for today!!! I love it. I hope you like the bow and arrow as much as I do. I just think it is fun but yet cool enough to be on a project that involves some pics of my husband. This file cuts smoothly the green on the bow is delicate so be careful pulling if off of your mat after cutting!!!
File: LC0061 $ 2.50 Die Cut: $4.00

Summer fun, fun, fun!! That is all that the 3rd file is just some fun for summer. Did you have a great romantic trip this summer or maybe just a romantic time at home with your honey!!! This file is great for any of those type projects. It could also be used for those projects just displaying the great time the summer gives us. The wonderful opportunities that only summer offers. That is why we all love summer isn't it!!! Enjoy!
File: LC0062 $ 3.00 Die Cut: $4.00


This file is an older one of mine that is still a favorite. It is great for any type of camping pictures of maybe for when you are roasting marshmallows around the fire at home. Either way it is cute and it cuts smoothly!! Enjoy this freebie until midnight tonight and then it will be for sale!! Watch for the next freebie coming next week. Below I will post the link for this file and remember to put in the password: iagreetous. Thanks for visiting the blog!!

This file is no longer available for free download.
File: LC0059 $2.50 Die Cut: $4.00


  1. Your little frog made me smile as well! Thankyou for the freebie :)

  2. Thank you for the Freebie! It ss really nicely done.