Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flower tutorial today

Thanks for all of the comments about the layout. I am going to frame it as soon as I get a frame. I am also going to look at the shadow boxes as frames.

Tomorrow I will be posting about a new blog hop that is starting Saturday and …. I am actually apart of it. I am so excited so come back and read about it tomorrow!!!

Many of you requested the tutorial for the flower so I put one together and I must tell you that I sound slightly rough because I was under the weather and I had to ask my sweet little boy to help me film and then filmed some of it by myself.

So here you go I hope you can understand it ok.

I again am just adding the link here until I can get my high speed internet.

Snapshot 2 (5-5-2011 11-09 AM)

Click here for the video!!