Thursday, May 12, 2011

Disney Layouts using SVG’s

Good Morning!! I wanted to share some layouts with you today that I made for my Disney Album. These layouts I did not cut from cartridges but from SVG files. They were a lot of fun and I love how they turned out. I am just going to post them and then I have to paint my porch today so I cannot spend to much time in the blogging world the paint is calling my name Sad smile 

So here they are I hope they bring inspiration so some of you!!

Here is a double page layout I made from svg files. The Lilo and Stitch font I traced from an image on Google then the surf board I traced also from Google images it was a coloring page image.  The flower and leaves were an svg I had



This next layout is of my son Matthew he was blessed enough at Disney’s Hollywood Studio to be chosen as a Jedi Trainee for the Jedi Training school. He was so excited. We video recorded it and the video is hilarious because when they pick the kids you can cheer for yours to cause attention to be drawn and then they may pick your child. I am screaming so loud in the video that I sound like a crazy person!! Well it must have worked they picked him! Smile



Sorry my pics are terrible today. I was in a hurry and just threw them up here. Forgive me!!!!

All the Star wars layouts were used with tracing from google images and then transformed into SVG files.


So there they are I hope you like them and Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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  2. OMG! Your layouts are awesome. They are Disney all the way.
    Stop by my blog when you get a chance ~ I have an award for you.

    Cindy Lou

  3. Awesome Layouts....I have an award for you. Please go to my blog here

  4. OMG the Star Wars layout is fantastic. My grandsons birthday is being done in Star Wars and I would love to have the SVG file for Yoda.. If you would considering sharing or selling me the svg file please contact me at

    Thanks in advance