Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New pool and Tattooed Kidoes!!!!!

I know that I have been absent recently but there has been a lot that has been happening around here so scrapping has been set on the back burner along with having the time to blog. I will however be on the blog this week . I am participating in the Grillin blog hop this weekend!! I am working on that project this afternoon.

So we have been having so much fun here at our house and that is what has had my attention lately!!! First of all we got a Pool!!!!! YEY YEY YEY YEY!!!!


So here it is right after Kevin and I and my dad got it up. It wasn’t too hard but you definitely need 3 people.


Kevin Making sure everything is level!!

This is a pool from Sears that is a lot like the ones at Wal-mart. We could not find the size we wanted at wally world so we bought this at Sears. It is a 24x52.


Here I am being silly, but as you can see there are a lot of wrinkles in these pools so you have to get in and as the water starts filling up you walk around and get all the wrinkles out. It really was not that difficult. The water was COLD!!! But it was 90 degrees out so we dealt with the cold water Smile


As you can see the kids just couldn’t wait to get in. With just a couple of inches they started body surfing on the bottom. They had a ball.

My Mom and Dad came over to help and there was a great picture opportunity!!



It was so much fun and now that it is full they can really swim but the water is FREEZING!!!!

The next bit of excitement was the kids were able to get Tattoes!!! yes they are temporary. A friend of ours is extremely talented in drawing and she uses her abilities to minister to kids while drawing really cool temporary tats.


She is trying to have a serious face but the smile is slipping through!!!!


This is what she picked out  as her Tat. Malia loves Keys especially the old antique kind . If they have any type of french flair to them that is it she is hooked!!

Then my little man originally had a Great White Shark but it washed off in the pool so he decided he wanted a snake this time. This was probably because this friend of ours has a python and he just got to touch it!!



He loves it!!

So there you go that is what we have been up to!! I promise to be back soon with a scrap project and don’t forget about the blog hop this weekend!! There will be awesome projects and I am sure there will be many chances to win lots of blog candy!!!

God Bless!!!


  1. I am sooo jealous of your pool!! It looks like so much fun and your kids are so adorable! Those tattoos are amazing! Stop by my blog when you get a chance...I have an award for you :)


  2. hello hon your RAK partner is trying to get ahold of your for your mailing address, could you please check into the Rak group on FB
    Deborah ( Scrappingmamma )