Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Okay so I would love your thoughts on this!!!

Yes, this is coming a bit late in the day but I unfortunately am suffering from a very yucky sinus cold :-( and it took me a long time to get it done and then finally up on the blog.

I have shared with ya’ll that I am trying to get my Disney pictures scrapped from our vacation 2 years ago!!! ( I know that is pretty sad isn’t it) But hey praise the Lord for Photo Cd’s that last for-e-ver. ( have you ever seen the sandlot!! With the guy that says forever really slow, it’s a hoot) Anyway….I am trying to work diligently on this album so today I worked on one of the pages that have to do with having dinner with the Princesses at Epcot. I learned a new technique for paper flowers using my Plantin Schoolbook Cart for this page. And I must say….. that I so totally love it!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I think that ya’ll must think I am a cross between a valley girl and a southern gal!! With all of my so’s you all’s and ya’lls. To tell you the truth I am originally from Upstate NY but Florida is officially my home of choice and I hope to get back there soon.

Ok Ok enough jibber jabber. What I need you all for is to help me decide if I should scrap this or frame it. I like it so much I am not sure what I want to do. Here is the layout:IMG_3421

I have to tell you that I am still wondering how I did it. All I can say is Thank you so much to all of the bloggers out there who give great tutorials. I found the tutorial for the rose on one of the blogs (due to my Nyquil induced coma I am not thinking clearly) I tried it out and wa-lah it worked!!! Here is a close-up and then I will give you the details.


This was so easy to make and literally took like 5 min. It was made from the flower image on my Plantin Schoolbook cart. It is near the end of the handbook and on the bottom row of the keyboard.

So I used the Storybook Cartridge for the rest of this layout. I love this cartridge and I know that many of you have had it for a long time but I just got this cart back in March and I am still pretty new to it. For the trellis or vines that my little flowers are on I used the branch border on page 38 of the handbook


Then I added some small pink and cream flowers from Got Flowers. I used some glitter glue to add alittle something to my cream colored flowers.


Next I added a cute title from Storybook it’s the Once upon a time title from pg 68 and I also used the accent blackout on pg 68 to give my title a mat.


Then I put four corners from the storybook cartridge on the page. They were on pg 47 of the handbook. Lastly I added little rhinestones on each flower in the corners.

Please let me know if you would like the full tutorial on the flower. Thanks everyone!!!

So tell me should I Scrap it (put it in an album) or Frame it???