Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some ebay ventings, and concert pics!!!!

Well, I have learned a very valuable lesson in the last 2 weeks. Let me tell you the story. I have been really wanting to get the E2 so I started looking on ebay for one and low and behold there was plenty of them on there and many of them were selling for right around $200.00. Most of them were being sold by proudparents who I am suspecting to believe is actually provocraft. I have bought from them before and gotten Cartridges at killer deals. So anyway I started bidding on a machine and thought at first I was bidding on one from Proudparents and then quickly realized I was bidding on one from someone else. I got a little nervous and quickly looked up their feedback. Well they had great feedback and even had a very satisfied customer who had just received her E2 and only paid $220.00. So I felt alittle bit better and waited to see if I was going to win. Well guess what I did win!!!!! For right around $200 I was so excited!!!!!!!!! Then last week I get an email from ebay saying that they have removed the listing and that I need to open a case and get the money back!!!
My lesson was to pay better attention and not flip back and forth through so many sellers at a time. I am really bummed and am now looking for an E2 that is priced around that range!! I know that that is a long shot!! But I am hoping that I can find one.
Enough of my venting now onto the sweet stuff that makes me smile!!!
Recently in our town the christian artist Britt Nicole came and did a concert. Well she was great and has such a wonderful spirit about her!! She was very sweet when my daughter met her and she even prayed with Malia before we left. It was awesome!! Before Britt Nicole came on stage there was the local Christian bands that played some songs of their own. Well one of them happens to have our old worship leader as the lead singer and my kids just love their music so I took some shots of them worshipping to the Lord during the concert and it was so cute!!! My little man just cracks me up!!!
Seeing my daughter worship just brings tears to my eyes. She truly loves the Lord and
he is using her in a powerful way. She is going to go forth and do more for the kingdom than I ever dreamed of doing.
Well thanks for listening. I promise I will be posting another project pretty soon. After I thought I won that machine I sold my old one so no matter what I have to buy a new machine this coming week . Whether it is an expression or an E2 I need a machine. I will have the new Cricut Art Philosophy cart next week!!!!! So I will be posting about it for awhile!!!! Have a blessed day!!!

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