Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just showing you all some svgs I have created!!

Hello again I was going through some of my files that I had designed awhile back and I am actually contemplating the idea of starting to design again. It has been awhile but I do enjoy doing it. Of course I have the cricut so I cannot use these files. :-( !!! So basically I guess I am wondering if you all think that I should start selling files again? I uses to sell my files with another website that was awesome!!! But my life took an unexpected turn and I pulled out of the site. Plus with that I sold my old machine and bought the cricut. Anyway here are a few of my older files I would love some feedback from you all!!! Thanks

Here is a great beach title for a layout!!!

Here are a few Halloween ones:
And then here are a few random ones:
Remember comments are encouraged!!!!

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