Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Tragic Loss

My Heart has been breaking and the tears just seem to keep coming!! In the picture above is a sweet dear friend who was tragically killed this weekend in a small plane crash. For those of you in Florida I am sure that you have heard the news of a small plane crash in the everglades. This was his plane he was the pilot. This is such shocking news to all because he was such a good pilot and careful flyer!! We are all searching for answers and praying that the Lord will reveal this week to give closure especially to the family!
Ryan Ruano had to have been one of the funnest, sweetest, happiest people I have ever met. That smile on his face was a permanent fixture!! He lived his life to the fullest never missing a beat!!! Always doing the things that he loved and having a blast doing them!!
I moved to Florida when I was 19 and after a week of being there I met the man that I would marry Kevin!! Well 3 days after meeeting him I decided to walk down to the local hardware store where he worked to say hi. I remember that day meeting everyone that he worked with except Cheryl ( who later became my bestie!!!) Ryan was one of those people and there are so many memories of him at the store!
I can remember walking into the store to see Kevin and as I walked in through the front door from the back would come this tall, handsome young man and then " awwwwwwww!! What's up girlllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in that tone of voice that only Ryan had!!!!
He will be missed by so many especially his Mom, Dad, and sister.

Ryan, you were such an amazing soul!! When God created you he knew how your spirit would touch so many!! How your laughter and silliness would bring so much joy to so many. You took on life the way that most of us wish we could. We will all hold tight to the memories that we all have of you. Make sure you dance like never before up there in heaven and I know that you will have the angels themselves bowled over from laughter. Have fun up there and we all look forward to seeing you again!!! We love you and miss you already!!! Our hearts have forever been touched by your life. Rest in Peace with the Father my friend.
Please, if you knew Ryan leave a comment on this post. All comments will be shown to family to let them know the extent of lives that their son touched!!!!