Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New item in my shop!!!

Hey Everyone, I hope everyone is thawing out from the weather we had this past weekend. It was even super cold here in the sunshine state. I barely got out of my pajamas on Saturday. lol
Anyway here is my latest project that is now in my etsy shop. This was a request from a client and I have to say that it was fun. Here it is....

  Aren't these so adorable. She is having a fun mermaid birthday party for her little girl and these are going to be the cupcake toppers. Sometimes I want my daughter to be little again so I can throw parties like this for her again. Although this yr she graduates and I think we are going to be doing like a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland theme. I am going to have fun with that one!!
Now these beauties were a little bit of work let me tell you. I embossed the front of the body and then I ran the tail through my crinkler ( I don't know the real name of that thing lol) .  Finally I took four different colors of stickles and one by one decorated the tail. That was of course the most time consuming.

I am going to be trying some different colors and such with these to change it up  a bit for my etsy shop.  I am also going to be extending my shop in the future to include svg files for all of you that have machines to cut with.

Well thats all for today thanks for stopping by and remember you can visit my shop anytime at MnMPapercreations.